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We learn by doing, there is no other way. John Holt

Those interested in purchasing a painting or emailing me  can contact me at this email

Me, at Paint the Town
Painting "Red Buoy and Lacey's Music"

Above photo by Deb Ryan...David Lacey was playing blues music on the wharf. The shed in the painting with a red buoy is the shed you see to my right.


A fan of Celtic Colors!


          I create and paint everyday.
           At the age of 9, I drew my first nudes; I got a strapping for doing a bad drawing; the teacher thought it was immoral; I thought I couldn't draw.
          My mother taught me rug hooking with cut wool strips. From my parents I learned to love and appreciate nature.                                
          As a child I spent endless hours twirling around on my swing and in the winter I skated on a small patch of ice in the swamp. During these times of aloneness my imagination soared. Now I am retired and at play again.

Smile, you're being counted!

Magic Carpet

Blue Dancer
Acrylic, 5 by 7
Collection of the Artist

The Crows
Acrylic, 8 by 10

Flying On Your Own
Acrylic, 8 by 10
Collection of the Artist

Once In A Blue Moon
Acrylic, 8 by 10
Collection of M. Hills