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Traditional Art
Oil Pastel Gallery

Our Lake View
Collection Ange and Mike Hills
Collection Ange and Mike Hills, Calgary

The First Snowfall


Boats On Shore at Cottage Cove, Framed

Acrylic, donated for a fund raiser

Little Risser Beach, watercolor
Risser Beach, NS

Cat in Cabinet
Oil Pastel
Oil Pastel, Socks the cat climbed into the display case at the Art Shack

Meditation Rock
Collection of the Artist
Acrylic, 8 by 10

Pinky, named by Shirley Armstrong
Piggy, sold
sold Acrylic, 8 by 10

Risser Beach NS, Acrylic, 8 by 10
Sold, Collection of J & C Woodworth
Sold, collection of J and C Woodworth

Lupins, Sold
Sold, Acrylic, 8 by 10

Ye Ole Barn Door & Fancy Arch.. Greenwood, NS
Collection of L. Spears
Acyrlic 8 by 10

Ruckus, Acrylic, 8 by 10
Rukus, Sold
Sold, By the Bay of Fundy

Margaretsville, NS Lighthouse
Sold, Margaretsville Lighthouse, Sold
Acrylic, 8 by 10, SOLD

Barns, Inglisville, 5 out of 7 bldgs.
Barns, Sold
Sold,.Acrylic, 8 by 10

Dockside, Margaretsville
Margaretsville, Sold
Sold, Acrylic, 8 by 10

Country Church
Country Church, Sold
Sold, Acrylic

Memories for Sale, Acrylic

Only part of the painting is displayed


Acrylic, 8 by 10, SOLD

Old Boat
Sold, Old Boat, NS,
Acrylic, 8 by 10, SOLD

Oak Tree, Florida
Oak Tree,  Florida $90 unframed
Acrylic, 8 by 10

Old Homestead, Mt. Hanley, NS

Sold, Acrylic, 8 by 10

Pussy Willows at Slobery Brook
 Collection M &J Underwood
Acrylic, 8 by 10